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Shoulder Case 3 Additional Images

This is a post reduction xray after an anterior shoulder dislocation demonstrating a Hill-Sachs deformity (blue arrow), which is a compression fracture at the posterolateral head of the humerus due to impingement against anterior rim of glenoid fossa when the humeral head dislocates.

This is another patient with a glenohumeral dislocation demonstrating a Hill-Sachs deformity (blue arrow) and a Bankart lesion (red arrow). A Bankart lesion is an avulsion of anteroinferior glenoid labrum where the inferior glenohumeral ligament attaches. Both lesions indicate shoulder instability and a higher risk for recurrent dislocation.


The above image displays a dislocation of the humeral head anteriorly on a commonly obtained scapular “Y” view.



This image shows the appearance of an anterior shoulder dislocation as seen on an AP view.