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Leg/Knee Case 3 Additional Images

Patellar Fracture

In this case the sunrise view helped depict the degree of articular stepoff.

Minimally displaced fracture of the patella as viewed on this AP radiograph.

This image comes from an 82 year old woman who fell on the knee and complained of pain and had an effusion about the knee. This particular image was interpreted as negative for a fracture, but note some of the cortical irregularity at the superior edge of the patella. A sunrise view was ordered.

This is the sunrise view from the patient above. The arrows depict a fracture through the patella. The patient's extensor mechanism was intact and the fracture did not disrupt the smooth articular surface, so the management was non-operative. The lesson is to review your own films and correlate with the patient's exam findings.

This patient had knee pain and a patellar fracture seen on a lateral view, but not the sunrise view.